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LMV324: issue with lmv324 buffer output limits to 2.7v

Part Number: LMV324

HI ,

iam using LMV324ID AS a buffer ,

VCC 3.3V, but out of the buffer is latching to 2.71 to max of 2.74.  even my buffer input crossing 3V.. why ? any limitation in the part ? i am expecting buffer out put should follow the input .

Please help me .

  • Hello,

    In a buffer configuration the input common mode voltage is equal to the input voltage. The input common mode voltage of the LMV324 is specified 800mV (typical) from the supply rail. Therefore, when the input goes above 2.5V on a 3.3V supply the LMV324 is no longer in a linear operating region. For more information please see our TI Precision Lab videos on input and output limitations.

    Thank you,

    Tim Claycomb

  • In reply to Timothy Claycomb:

    Both curves are normal behavior.

    Ronald Michallick
    Linear Applications

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