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Linux/TLV2370: TLV2370 Shutdown pin

Part Number: TLV2370

Tool/software: Linux

Dear Sirs,


We are using the TLV2370 in one of our boards and we have some doubts related with the shutdown pin of this part.


Actually, we do not pretend to make any use of the shutdown feature. So, we left the pin 8 of the ampop floating, as per datasheet instruction.


However, there is a strange behavior on the ampop. In some cases, the output goes to zero, without any reason for that. It seems that sometimes it is entering in shutdown mode.


In the datasheet, there are some considerations in the section "8.3.5 Shutdown Function" related with the leakage current in the shutdown pin. These statements are contradictory with the use of the shutdown pin in floating mode. Can you kindly clarify this question?


Best regards,


  • Hello Oscar,

    The TLV2370 is disabled when the shutdown pin is low. The device is enabled when the shutdown pin is high or left floating.

    In your condition it is left floating and therefore should be enabled unless there is stray leakage current causing the device to be disabled.

    If you drive the shutdown pin high by connecting it directly to Vcc does the device remain in shutdown? Can you directly connect the shutdown pin to Vcc for your design to eliminate this issue?

    Can you please provide oscilloscope shots of the supply voltage, shutdown pin and output voltage when this issue is occurring?

    Thank you,

    Tim Claycomb