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TLV2371: TLV2371, technology process ?

Part Number: TLV2371


Looking to find out the technology process for the TLV2371, what is the technology process, Bipolar only or LinCMOS / BiCMOS

Thank you

Andres Carrasco

Engineering Consultant

  • Hello Andres,

    Someone on the list from TI may know the official process designation for the TLV2371. If no, here is what I have been able to find.

    The TLV2371 is almost entirely CMOS from the input, through the signal path, to the output. There are a few bipolar transistors used in bias and ESD protection circuits. I suspect that they are variants of CMOS transistors that are designed to function as bipolar transistors.

    TheTLV2371 utilizes a process variant of the LinCMOS process, but it isn't designated as LinCMOS in the datasheet. BiCMOS tends to primarily be a bipolar process that supports that adds some CMOS transistors. Therefore, I would tend to refer to the TLV2371 as using CMOS technology.

    Regards, Thomas
    Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering
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    Hi Thomas

    Thank you for the quick and detailed response. Great Job !