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THS7002: THS7002: Power Pad connection

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Part Number: THS7002

Hi TI community,

sorry to bother you with a most probably stupid question ...

For my actual design I am planning to use the amplifier THS7002. But I get confused about the connection of the thermal pad. The PowerPad design considerations recommend the connection to the "internal ground plane".

Is this the same net as "GND-A" and "GND-B" or should the PowerPad have no connection to any pin?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


  • Hi Gerald, 

    You can connect the power pad to the same ground plane as GND-A and GND-B. The separate grounds are provided so that you can de-couple the two channels of the amplifiers separately to help reduce crosstalk. 


    Jacob Freet 
    High Speed Amplifiers

  • In reply to Jacob%20Freet:

    Hi Jacob, thanks for your quick and precise help!

    Many thanks and best regards,