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LM2903: request for offset drift plots/data on extended temperature range

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Part Number: LM2903


Are there any available resources to refer to for the offset drift number of LM2903? End equipment may be subjected to -40’C to 100’C temperature range hence would like to obtain his piece of information if avalaible. Thanks.

FYI i'm referring to LM2903 datasheet Section 6.8



  • Hi Leo,

    I am checking to see if we have some more recent data. I should have something for you by COB Monday.


    Paul Grohe

    TI Comparators (CMPS) Applications Group

  • In reply to Paul Grohe:


    Paul must have had trouble finding relevant data to share but he will be back early next week to follow up.  I think it is best that we take this post offline since the effort is more time consuming.  One point that I would like to add before closing and taking this offline is that a majority of the offset is initial device mismatch.  The offset does not drift significantly over temperature.  So if the customer was going to do some sort of calibration at 25C, they would have a very reliable, stable circuit over time and temperature.  These are very simple devices with very low transistor count which is part of the reason why there is not much drift over temperature.

    Thanks for your patience on this one.  I will send an email to you and Paul offline.