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INA302: Recovery time for INA302

Part Number: INA302

Dear Amplifier Team,

could you kindly help me with the foloowing information for the INA302

1. The maximum recovery time of the output stage from the saturation (both supply rails)

2. How to consider the reference voltage or its influence in the tolerance chain

Thank you in advance and wish you a pleasant day ahead

  • Hello Nikhil,

    Thanks for reaching out on this forum.

    1. We did not characterize the maximum recovery time of the output stage from saturation, but this could be measured for a typical response using the INA302 EVM.

    2. For providing a reference voltage, the best practice is to make it a low-impedance, low noise, stable voltage source. Noise will couple into your output and if there are large periodic spikes on the reference pin this this will affect the CMRR of the device similarly if there are large periodic spikes at the amplifier inputs (IN+ and IN-). Making the reference source a low-impedance output helps you avoid gain error and offset errors induced when you load down the internal gain setting resistors of the amplifier.

    Hope this helps.

    Peter Iliya
    Current Sensing Applications