XTR111: What differentiates the parts XTR111,XTR115, XTR116,XTR117 ?

Part Number: XTR111

I am embarking on the design of a current loop pressure sensor.

I don't know which part to choose.  

What or when would you choose one of these parts over another?

Or asked another way, what differentiates the parts XTR111, XTR115, XTR116,XTR117 ?

I will need the 5V reg voltage output of XTR111 to feed my sensor.

My scope is 8-30V current loop industrial app.

8-30V input Volt,

< +-1% Full Scale, Temp -40°C to 105°C   

I'm sure its in the spec sheets somewhere,... but I'm not picking up on it.

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  • Hi Timothy,

    The XTR111 is a 3-wire voltage to current converter and transmitter, while the XTR115, XTR116 and XTR117 belong to a family of 2-wire current loop transmitters.

    The main difference between a 2-wire or 3-wire transmitter is how the sensor/transmitter circuits are powered in the current loop:

    1. The 2-Wire Transmitter is Loop powered:

      • Applications where the Transmitter and sensor is remotely located.

      • Local power supply is not practical

      • Input Circuitry floats with respect to loop supply ground

    2. The 3-Wire Transmitter is Locally powered:

      • Transmitter is located close to a local power supply

      • Input is referenced to the local power supply ground

      • Also known as a voltage-to-current converter; accepts an input voltage and performs the current conversion

    The XTR111 (3-wire) accepts an input voltage and supports 0mA-20mA, 4mA-20mAm 5mA-25mA output current ranges.

    The XTR115,6,7 (2-wire) are intended to accept an input current and produce a current output of 4-20mA (IO= IIN*100).  The XTR115 provides a 5V regulator to power up circuitry, as well as a 2.5V reference that could be used to generate an offset current or as a DAC reference.  The XTR116 provides a 5V regulator to power up circuitry, as well as a 4.096V reference. The XTR117 includes the 5V regulator, but no reference.

    Attached is a presentation explaining 4-20mA concepts, as well as a detailed explanation about differences between the 2-Wire vs 3-Wire Transmitters that will help on your decision.

    Many Thanks,

    Kind Regards,

    Luis Chioye



  • Hi Timothy,

    what pressure sensor do you intend to use?