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AMC1311-Q1: Spice Model

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Good Day

First of sorry for my English i am not a native speaker.

I have downloaded the Spice Model for the AMC1311 for the TI website and used said Modell with LTspice XVII.

I ran in to the Following problem, after integrating the LIB file in to LTspiece I got an error massage wen running the Simulation (Can't resolve .param….). It seems as if in the SUBCKT HYSTCOMPGD_VDD the Parameter for Vthres and Vhyst are not given in Line 393.

Original Line:

+ Params: VoutH=5 VoutL=0 Rout=1 Delay=1N

I added the values that are used in Line 417 and 478 to get the Following:

+ Params: Vthres=0 Vhyst=1 VoutH=5 VoutL=0 Rout=1 Delay=1N

This seems to have solved the Problem. Is this solution correct or did I do something wrong?

Best Regards Tobias

  • Hi Tobias,

    Welcome to our e2e forum!  If you are getting the model to compile, that should take care of the problem.  I will check with someone on our modeling team and see if they have an opinion.  I'll get back to you by COB US Central time Friday.




  • In reply to Tom Hendrick:

    Hi Tobais,

    I've not heard concerns back from the modeling team.  If the changes you've implemented are working well for you, I don't believe you will have any issues.




  • In reply to Tom Hendrick:

    Hallo Tom

    My simulation works so no complains from e. Thanks for the answer.