PGA308: PGA308 Vin1-Vin2 Pin problem

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Part Number: PGA308


After soldering the pressure sensor to the Vin1-Vin2 pins on the PGA308 chip, The PGA308 chips don't work, i think this problem is caused by ESD.

The Vout pin is fixed at 4.9V even though there is no sensor in the faulty PGA308 chips but I can write and read RAM and OTP data on the Onewire pin with the PGA308 EVM board.

Although we have taken all precautions for ESD in production, we could not solve this problem. We changed our soldering machine, including.

We purchased the PGA308 chips from DigiKey.

How can you help us with this?


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  • Hi Mert,

    On E2E forum, we can assist you with technical support related to the PGA308 schematic and circuit design; and/or functionality questions regarding the PGA308..  If you have questions about the PGA308 or you wish us to review the circuit, please provide a detailed schematic showing the voltage supply circuit/connections, the device associated bypass capacitors and filters, and the sensor excitation, sensor connections and sensor signal characteristics (full-scale voltage, expected offset, etc).  Please also let us know the PGA308 device settings with a detailed description of the issue, and we could assist you with the circuit debug.

    If you are looking into returning devices due to a device failure or an issue related to ESD, you will need to contact the distributor that provided the product and follow their return procedure.  For more information about Customer returns, please refer to the information on the link below.

    Please let us know if you have technical questions related to the PGA308 or if you need assistance with circuit debug.

    Thank you,


  • In reply to Luis Chioye:

    Hi Luis,

    Luis, thank you very much for your interest and help. We do not intend to return the products, we are trying to solve our problem.

    If you provide an e-mail address, I would like to send the schema and PCB files.

    I'm attachment the PGA308 Register and pressure sensor print screen.

    Thank you,


  • In reply to Mert SARI:

    Hi Luis,

    I sent PCB and schematic files as a private message.