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TINA-TI: TINA Nonlinear Transformer

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I use Tina to simulate a flyback power.When choosing the transformer,I find that there have two transfomers can be chosen.I want to konw what is the difference between Coupled Inductors and Nonlinear Transformer?

I have get the simulation results when using Coupled Inductors(Pic.2 below) and Nonlinear(Pic.3 below).Now I want to know why the current in primary(Ip in Pic.3) of the Nonlinear Transformer is rectangular pulse?Whether is it the Nonlinear Transformer's characteristic?

Please let me know more details about the model of Nonlinear Transformer.


  • Hi Zoyee,

    The non-linear transformer model included details like the core material, capacitance of the windings, you can see the complete list if you select the HELP button on pop-up window when you select the transformer symbol. For more details I suggest you perform a web search for Jiles-Atherton transformer model.

    You can model a flyback transformer as an ideal transformer with the desired turns ratio with a inductor in parallel with the primary winding representing the magnetising inductance. You can add an inductor in series with the transformer primary to simulate the transformer leakage inductance. This will allow you to run basic simulations on the flyback design.