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AMC1300: Minimum distance between two AMC1300

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Part Number: AMC1300


we are designing voltage (4 ch) and current (4 ch) sense board using AMC1300.


What is the minimum distance we need to maintain between two AMC1300 for effective functionality. 

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  • Hi Rajasekaran,

    By 'effective functionality' I'm assuming you mean to maintain isolation properties.  You can place the V and I AMC1300 devices right beside each other (pins 4&5 next to pins 1&8) for each channel.  You just need to allow enough clearance between the two parts so there are no assembly issues.  Depending on the end equipment you are making, there may be safety regulations that call out minimum spacing between high voltage channels, so that would be the first place to check for specific details.

    In general though, if you follow our land pattern recommendation for the DWV package, you have 9.1mm of clearance across the isolation barrier.  You would want to maintain that minimum distance between I/V pairs to maintain the same isolation between channels.  As a side note, for the voltage measurement, you might consider using the AMC1311 which has a significantly higher input impedance than the AMC1300.  




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