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INA240-Q1: INA240-Q1 Max Common mode voltage clamped?

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Part Number: INA240-Q1

The in the absolute value table in the datasheet, this IC is capable of handling -6V, and +90V steady state common mode voltage. We have a test condition where the ~200 microsecond transient will reach -9.1V and I’d like to understand the effect on this IC. Are there diode clamps inside the IC for -6V and +90V?  Thank you

  • Hi,

    You’re correct, the diode clamps restrict the input common mode range: -6V to +90V.

    Regards, Guang

  • In reply to Guang Zhou:

    Thank you for your reply.  If the transient pulse (~200 micro sec) will reach -9.1V (-3.1V below -6V), in your opinion

    will this IC survive?  I now there's no guarantee and understand this will exceed absolute rating. 

    I believe these ICs have internal 3k resistors at the input pins possibly limiting the transient current.

  • In reply to Vitaliy Mosesov:


    Internal to the device, there are no current limiting resistors. The 3K you mentioned are not in the path of ESD diodes. Between the -9.1V external voltage and ground are the ESD diode and parasitic trace resistance only.

    200uS is a long time; probably enough to cause damage to the device even if this is a one-time occurrence.

    Regards, Guang