USB2ANY: firmware update fails - How to fix it?

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Part Number: USB2ANY


Customer is trying to make the firmware SW update (see pictures 1/2/3 below):
    - Win 8.1 PC (not sure if it is 32bit or 64bit)
    - run installer as ADMIN
At some point the USB2ANY need to be disconnected/reconnnected and BSL button pressed.
Doing this does not seem to update the firmware.
How can it be fixed?
Do we have a video or guide showing the exact sequence?

1) Firmware update:

2)Firware loader message:

3)BSL button:
BSL button is pressed (they even tried to remove the case just to be sure the button was properly pressed):

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hey AnBer,

    Sorry for the delay here, we're trying to find the best support path for you on this.    




  • Hello AnBer,

    In general this update should work. There is just one important step you need to take, which I am missing in your description above.

    1. remove the USB cable from the box

    2. press and hold the BSL button

    3. While holding the BSL button, reconnect the USB cable.

    Please check if the update function works after you did these steps.

    I can see that the text in the "USB2ANY firmware loader" is not displayed correctly. Which Windows version are you using? What are the local settings of your PC?

    Best regards,

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  • In reply to Brigitte:

    Hi Brigitte,

    As far as I understood customer is doing those 3 steps.
    The PC settings are given in my original post (see on top, I highligted it).

    Are there some keys SW components that need to be present on the PC (like .net framework, ..etc)?
    Which one?

    Do we have a PC side tools that can assess if the USB2ANY is functional and not broken?

    Thanks in advance!


  • In reply to AnBer:

    Hello AnBer,

    Please clarify first if the customer is really disconnecting the USB connection, pressing the button and keep it pressed while reconnecting the USB connector. This is essential as this is the only way to start the update.

    If the update still does not work, we need to send a new USB2ANY box to the customer.

    Best regards,

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