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THS4631: Common-mode input range

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Part Number: THS4631


The datasheet for the THS4631 specifies the common-mode input range for +/-15V supplies only. Is it safe to assume the distance from the rails is constant if running at a lower supply voltage? I have an application where we may want to run this on +/-5V or +7.5/-2.5V supply rails. 



  • Hello Chris,

       Yes, your assumption is correct. Below, I have attached a snippet from the THS4631 datasheet of the recommended operating conditions:

    The difference between V- and V+ can not be lower than 10 or greater than 30. Therefore, there is no issue running supply rails of +/-5V or +7.5V/-2.5V. 

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  • In reply to SimaJalaleddine:

    Yes Chris, the headrooms remain the same over different supply voltage combinations 

    The THS4631 is a very old JFET high voltage device, you might also consider the recent OPA810 - little lower supply range but RR I/O.

    Michael Steffes

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    I hadn't seen OPA810 before but it looks like a good fit with RRIO. Will give it a try.