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TLV3012: outputs glitch/spur during slow power up

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Part Number: TLV3012

Hi there,

Below is the schematic and waveform of TLV3012. Blue is 3.3V power supply, yellow is REG20_VOUT input to IN+, green is OUT. It seems, if the power up slope is slow, TLV3012 would output some glitch/spur in the output. Do we have any P2P substitution which doesn't have this operation?


  • Jerry

    I’m familiar with what you’re observing. Unfortunately the tlv3012 has something in its startup sequence that causes that glitch. Unfortunately I do not have anything that is pin compatible but our tlv4041r1 is functionally similar and does not suffer from this startup glitch since it has a POR circuit that controls the comparator output as the supply ramps up. In this device, the output is held low until power reaches the operating range. By next year the tlv4041r1 will also be available in a SOT23 package but for now you can evaluate on our little EVM which is a DIP breakout board that is easy to prototype with.


  • In reply to Chuck Sins:

    Hi Chuck,

    Is there any way to reduce it? Increase the rising edge slope of the power supply?


  • In reply to Jerry Chen82343:


    From my recollection, it was always about 6us wide regardless of ramp rate.  It was just easier to capture when the ramp rate was slower.