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TLV1805: TLV1805

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I try to do a simulation by PSPICE using TLV1805. The given model for simulating is TINA. I tried to convert the .cir file into .lib using the model editor but it doesn't work. any suggestion?



  • Farzaneh,

    Please try to follow these suggestions for converting a TINA file to PSPICE: 

    To import TINA model into P-Spice, it really depends whether the model is in schematic view or netlist text file.

    If the TINA model is in schematic view, then use TINA export function to convert the schematic into netlist text file.

    If the model is already in text file, TINA Model text file is P-spice Model text file as well. It can be immediately attached to OrCad P-spice by first creating a Symbol and then attach the file directly to P-spice Simulation Profile.

    To export TINA’s schematic view into netlist text file, go to File Menu and click on Export Netlist for P-Spice.

    For TINA model that is already in netlist text file, we can use Model Editor to create a symbol and attach it to P-spice project.

    Highlight the top level subcircuit which we will create the symbol from, and then click on “Export to Part Library”.

    The symbol will be contained in a dot O L B file.

    Open a project and attach the O L B file.

    The top level block symbol has been created and ready to be used.

    Now that we have the symbol, we need to attach the model text file to the simulation profile so that P-spice will be able to recognize the subcircuit definition that is related to the symbol we created.

    Click on “Add to Design” and you will be able to see on left panel under the “Model Libraries” section that the model text file has been attached to the project.

    If you still have issues converting the file, please let us know.



  • Hi Farzaneh,

    for the TLV1805-Q1 a *.lib file exists:

    Or find it attached:



  • In reply to kai klaas69:

    Thanks Kai,


  • In reply to Farzaneh Faridi:

    Helloa Kai, 

    I used the .lib file that you've attached, I have the same problem that I had once I converted TINA to Pspice myself, for simulation it should be associated with a symbol, and I can't find the an appropriate symbol for it. I've tried with some similar symbols but it didn't work. any suggestion?



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    Please try using the attached .olb file as your symbol when you open up the Model Import Wizard in your Model Editor.




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    Dear Jonny,

    I tried to use the attached symbol library, but it doesn't work. I used the model editor to associate the symbol but, adding this library, I've seen that there is no symbol in it. 

    Can you check if there is anything else that I should take into account?



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    Try this out:

    1. Save and extract the .zip file attached to a folder on your PC

    2. Open Model Editor

    3. Open TLV1805Q1.lib

    4. File --> Export to Part Library

    5. Under "Enter Input Model Library" -- select the path from your .lib file

    6. Under "Enter Output Part Library" select the path from TLV1805Q1.olb 

    7. Click OK

    8. File --> Model Import Wizard

    9. Under "Enter Input Model Library" -- select the path from your .lib file

    10. Under "Enter Output Part Library" select the path from TLV1805Q1.olb 

    11. Click Next

    12. Make sure all symbols a re associated and Click Finish

    13. Open Capture CIS and open a new project

    14. Right click "Library" and Add File

    15. Add .olb library

    16. Now you should be able to insert the TLV1805Q1 symbol into your schematic.


    JonnyTLV1805Q1 (2).zip

  • In reply to Jonathan Nguyen:

    Hello Jonny,

    Thanks a lot, it resolved my doubts.