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[FAQ] Precision Amplifiers Leading Technologies and Applications

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This FAQ covers TI’s precision amplifiers leading technologies' and typical applications circuits (end equipment).

Precision Amps leading technologies

Technologies to improve offset and drift:

Zero-drift technology: amplifiers with zero-drift technology employ a unique, self-correcting technology which provides ultra-low input offset voltage (Vos) and near-zero input offset voltage drift over time and temperature (dVos/dT) suitable for precision applications. For more information on zero-drift technology refer to following articles:

e-Trim™ technology: e-Trim™ is TI’s patented post package trimming architecture. Correction current sources internal to the devices are adjusted during the final package-level manufacturing test. Once the trimming is completed, the gateway to trim circuitry is closed, so the trim control circuit is disabled and the adjustments become permanent. For more information on e-Trim technology refer to following article: Offset Correction Methods: Laser Trim, e-Trim™ , and Chopper

Technologies to enable faster data acquisition:

 MUX-friendly technology: TI has developed a new input circuitry for high voltage CMOS inputs which does not require the anti-parallel diodes for device protection. This technology minimizes the leakage current which in turn helps the amplifier settle faster. For more information on MUX-friendly technology refer to following article: MUX-friendly precision operational amplifiers

Technologies to improve input bias current, input offset current and input current noise:

Super-beta technology: TI’s Super Beta provides excellent matching of the transistors in the input differential pair. Along with offset trim methodologies, op amps with Super Beta have a very low offset voltage, offset drift and input bias current. Thanks to a very low input bias current, the current noise density is much lower and the input impedance is much higher than any other bipolar technology, including op amps with input bias cancellation circuits.

 JFET Dielectric isolation: thanks to a buried isolation layer between the n-type and p-type, TI’s JFET amplifiers provide unprecedented performance for low noise and low distortion circuits. For more information on JFET Dielectric isolation technology refer to following article: Distortion and source impedance in JFET-input op amps

General op amp content and training

End Equipment (application) content with precision amplifiers

Sector: Medical

End Equipment category: Patient Monitoring (ECG, EKG, EEG, etc.) Find Patient Monitoring reference designs here.

End Equipment category: Medical Equipment (Infusion pump, surgical equipment, etc.)

  • Application: Infusion Pumps - Technical Article: How an EMI hardened op amp can reduce errors in infusion pumps – here

End Equipment category: Imaging (X-Rays, Ultrasound, etc.) Find Imaging reference designs here.

Sector: Test and Measurement (T&M)

End Equipment category: Application Specific (BTS, Semiconductor test, LCD Test, etc). Find application specific reference designs here.

EE Category: Instrumentation: Find instrumentation reference designs here.

EE Category: Source Measurement & Signal Generation: Find Source Measurement & Signal Generation reference design here.

Sector: Factory Automation and Control (FA&C)

EE Category: Field Transmitters (Flow transmitters, pressure transmitters, etc.) Find field transmitters reference designs here.

EE Category: PLC, DC, PAC (Analog I/O modules, PLC circuit breakers) Find PLC, DC, PAC reference designs here

Sector: Motor Drives

EE Category: Single & multi axes servo drives. Find single & multi axes servo drives reference designs here.

Sector: Automotive Hybrid, electric & powertrain systemsFind hybrid, electric & powertrain systems reference designs here.

End Equipment Category: HEV/EV:           

Sector: Automotive InfotainmentFind infotainment reference design here.

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