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THS4521: THS4521 about delay time

Part Number: THS4521

Hi team,

The customer would like to use  THS4521,THS4522 and THS4524. He needs to know the delay time of these devices that is the time for the signal

from  input to output. Would you please support this case?

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Mickey Zhang
Asia Customer Support Center
Texas Instruments

  • Hi Mickey,

    Since the THS452x devices are mainly suited for applications < 10MHz, the delay time for the signal from input to output would be very minimal. Or basically, the output should instantaneously track the input. You might be able to simulate this in TINA-TI for the customer's gain configuration.

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  • In reply to Rohit Bhat:

    Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for your support.

    But the bandwidth is 145 MHZ.

    How to simulate for TINA? Would you provide an example of TINA?

  • In reply to Mickey Zhang:

    Hi Mickey,

    Even though the small signal bandwidth of the part is 145MHz, the usable bandwidth is limited up to 10MHz due to linearity performance.
    Is the customer looking to use the THS452x families at 145 MHz signals? If that's the case, I would instead recommend using LMH6552 or LMH6554 which are higher speed parts.

    I looked in TINA-TI and really don't think it could be used for simulating the delay.

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  • In reply to Rohit Bhat:

    Hi ROhit,

    OK. Thanks for your support.