OPA354A-Q1: OPA354A-Q1

Part Number: OPA354A-Q1


we have 3 of the operatinal amplifiers (OPA354A-Q1) in our design, as transimpedance amplifiers to measure the current of 3 photodiodes. Each operational amplifier is single supplied with 5V.
The  IN has an Offset of 0.1V (the application is nearly the same as in the datasheet on page 19).
If the three amplifiers gets a Signal at the same time, the time response at the Output is a bit time shifted. Can you tell me how I can calculated the time response at the Output based on the assembled resistances and capacities? Or is it even possibe to calculate the time response based on the resistances and capacities? (we have different gain resistors assembled, so maybe the timeshift comes from the gain resistor from the -IN to the Output). And if I know, how  I can calculated the time response, I am able to adjust the time shift-
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  • Hi Samantha,

    How much time shift are you seeing from the amplifiers? The amplifier will of course have some propagation delay based on its phase response, but I would expect it to only be a few nano seconds, which I would expect to be well below your signal frequencies in this device? If you are seeing significantly longer time delays, there may be something else causing an issue.


    Jacob Freet 
    High Speed Amplifiers