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THS6184: reason for high variance on thermal resistance QFN/HTSSOP

Part Number: THS6184


can somebody explain why the QFN vs. the HTSOP package has such a high difference:

QFN theta_jc=1,7°C/W,

HTSSOP theta_jc=27.5°C/W

although both devices have an exposed pad does nto explain the delta of more than 10x

Is there an alternative device providing:


>30 Volt

>35mA drivecapabiltiy

bandwidth is probably too high and current feedback provide high offset, lower woudl be better.  Estimated PD *1.2 Watt

Thanks, Bertram

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  • Hi Bertram,

    I somewhat agree with your assessment that the theta_jc for QFN and HTSSOP should not have such a huge difference, although it could be a typo for QFN theta_jc that actually needs to be 17 'C/W. Let me check with the thermal packaging team on this and get back.

    I don't think we have an alternative device with 4 -channels that supports >30V supply and 35mA drive capability in voltage feedback configuration that could provide lower offset. The closest we have is the LMP8674 in voltage feedback configuration but its max PD is limited to 0.86 Watts.

    Best Regards,