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 Hello all,

A customer ask,

" I am looking for an ultra-low input bias, low noise operational amplifier which will be used as a preamplifier of an electrometer for electric field measurements with +-5V dual voltage supply.

I found the LMC6061 and LMP7721. Does this device support dual supply operations (also negative -5V voltage) and What are alternative devices? "

Could anyone help me with this ?

Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Kaustubh,

    The LMP7721 is a 5V part. To support +/-5V, you would need parts that can operate with maximum power supply >=10V, such as the LMC6061

    Given this is for preamp for electrometer measurement, a good part to consider is the LMP7701, which is a 12V part, 1pA maximum bias current and 9nV/rtHz noise. If the amp is configured at high gain and higher bandwidth is required, the OPA140 is another part can be considered, which is a 36V part with 11MHz bandwidth, 10pA max bias current and 5.1nV/rtHz noise.


    Ying Zhou

    Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments, Tucson

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    Hello Ying,

    Thank you for the asnwer..