• Resolved

TINA/Spice/INA333: INA333 Pin 5 Reference Bias Fault

Part Number: INA333

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

Tech Support,

I have been working with the Tina sim program. I was using an outdated sim model... since corrected... 

I have 2 issue...

1) The Ref pin 5... on my PCB card seems to be sourcing +VCC .... I should be able to swing the pin using OPA333 ... The Tina program shows the Ref, but in the real PCB the pin never changes..?

2) I still can't get the real chip to flip its output... regardless which part of the bridge resistor I change..?INA333 WSB Sensor Redundant Circuit Oct 1B 2017.TSC