• Resolved

AMC1311: AMC1311 drop output characteristics

Part Number: AMC1311

AMC1311 instead of ACPL-C87AT test, sampling precision, high and low temperature performance test has been completed, little difference, but the output characteristics in the working voltage range when the exit is different, accessories for the AMC1311 and C87AT output waveform in the respective exit point voltage of which is 5V voltage, blue, green as the output voltage of AMC1311 and C87AT, sampling for the power supply voltage of 24V, yellow is a 393 output voltage comparator, when AMC1311 (C87AT) reference voltage output voltage is higher than a 1.5V, 393 output high level, lower than 1.5V, 393 output low level, from the two picture it can be seen that when the 5V voltage is lower than 4.5V (picture in Y axis intersection position and blue dotted line), AMC1311 and C87AT do not work, but the output voltage of the C87AT directly dropped, and the output of AMC1311 The voltage was upwards (higher than the reference 1.5V) and then dropped, causing my 393 comparator to misoperate. What is the cause of the burr?