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TLV521: Looking for current sense amplifier 1 uA to 10 mA.

Part Number: TLV521

Dear team,

My customer is looking to add a current measurement capability in their devices 

The solution should consume about one micro ampere.


It could be current sense amplifier (discrete built or solid) and a comparator with hysteresis (I need digital output).

Measured currents 1 uA to 10 mA.


Appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks in advance and regards, 


  • Shai

    Thanks for reaching out.  we have published some material lately that should be a good starting point.  the part I am going to recommend is very good for low side current sensing.  I can share methods for using it for high side sensing as well but being a low voltage device, it is naturally suited for the low side.  it is the LPV821 which is the only nano-power, zero-drift amplifier in the market.  Zero-drift amplifiers have the lowest input offset voltage which is advantageous in current sensing applications where the voltage drop across the sense resistor needs to be minimized.  On the comparator side of things, our new TLV7031, TLV7041, and TLV7081 are good to use in systems where a regulated voltage or reference is already available.  The application note talking about using GPIO pins to power signal chain highlights leveraging the regulated voltage that powers the microcontroller as a reference voltage for the comparator. We also have micro-power devices with integrated references such as the TLV3011 and TLV3012.

    Here are some links to recent material that we have published around current sensing.  I hope this helps.