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AMC1301: About reference design TIDA-00835

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Part Number: AMC1301

Please let me know about three point below for AMC1301 and TIDA-00835;

①Sometimes, user's guide is described "AMC1200", is correct parts AMC1301

②Can AMC1301 and ADS131A04 use 24bit specification?

 Datasheet P69 (Table 51, attached below) is described only Error spec, I want to decide total resolution of AMC1301(AMC1200) and ADS131A04.

③Customer is conscious of AMC1301 spec depend on resolution spec of ADC. 

 Is there any cause of decrease ADC output accuracy by OPAMP(AMC1301)?  

 For example, effect for popcorn noise, etc.

 Please let me know about opinion for above points.   

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