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Precision Labs ADCs - mistakes

I heard about the SAR ADC Precision Labs from Art Kay on the most recent The Amp Hour podcast. Since the ADC labs don't seem to have their own forum yet, I figured here would be the best place to post. Mods please feel free to move if appropriate.

I've watched all the videos and done all the quizzes and spotted some mistakes (or possibly I've failed to understand something, in which case some clarification would be appreciated):

  1. In the quiz for section 3.1 ("Quiz: Driving a SAR ADC with a Fully Differential Amplifier"), I think the Vcm_in voltages for Problem 2 (slide 10) should be 0V and 0.83V. The values of 1.365V and 2.731V seem to be a copy-paste error from Problem 1.
  2. In the video for section 5.1 ("Introduction to SAR ADC Front-End Component Selection") at the 8 minute mark, the label on the bottom right graph reads "Required BW = 130 MHz". I think this should be 20 MHz?
  3. In 5.4 ("Refine the Rfilt and Cfilt Values"), at the 10 minute mark the background slides stop updating. Slide 13 seems to be missing a figure, and 14+ are just black until the end of the video.

Thanks for putting together such a great set of tutorials. It came at the perfect time as I'm currently designing a SAR ADC system for the first time. I'll be doing the op-amp labs next.



P.S. The link on the op-amps labs homepage to this forum is broken.