Opamp upgrade to Technics SL-P990 cd player


I have a Technics SL-P990 CD player with a few opamps. The service manual mentions the operational amplifers, though a Japanese website said the opamps were "Op-amp "M5238FP" Mitsubishi made in I / V conversion" . Which would be most suited to replace this opamp and which should I change?

I have some LM4562 smds spare, but there could be some better ones suited to the above opamp

Thank you


from the service manual

IC805,806,807, 808 are IC Buffer AMP M5238FP

IC 809, 810 are IC Amplifer NJM5532 ( near adjustment screws)

IC 811,812 are IC Filter NJM5532

IC 813, 814 are IC Amplifer M5238FP