PGA450Q1EVM: GUI was frozen when opening

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Part Number: PGA450Q1EVM

Hi Team,

My customer got PGA450Q1EVM and I heard GUI was frozen when opening GUI.
I attached the picture after GUI was frozen.

His startup procedure is no ploblem according to the following E2E thread.
1. Connect TI-GER board to EVM.
2. Connect and power EVM.
3. Connect USB from TI-GER to PC. 
4. Open GUI.

He also tried the following startup procedure to isolate the TI-GER board, however same freeze error can be replicated..
1. Only connect the TI-GER board to the PC (EVM should not be connected or powered)
2. Open the GUI. Does the GUI still freeze?

What is concern?

Best Regards,
Yaita / Japan disty