Mapping pointers omp target data

Hello everyone, 

I'm running a simple program with openmpacc in offloading mode. So in my target code I've got something like this:

#pragma omp target data map(to:VARIABLE[0:size])


     #pragma omp target

     { function(f1);}


When VARIABLE is not a pointer it compiles and runs correctly but when It is a pointer, it compiles and when running I got the following error:

"ERROR: Variables accessed via a pointer in a target region must be shaped using array sections e.g. map(to:ptr[start:size]). This is an implementation restric

tion in the current runtime and will be fixed in a future release"

1) Is there a way to map pointers like that or it is not implemented yet? 

2) I also would like to know if the omp target update construct supported by TI OpenMP-acc is blocking or non-blocking? 

I'm using an EVMk2h board and ti-processor-sdk-linux-rt-k2hk-evm-

I appreciate your help