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DDC11xEVM-PDK Kit - Hardware Trigger


I have the DDC11xEVM-PDK Kit and want to use the hardware trigger.

A 5V pulse is be issued on IP_1 to start the conversation.

I am using a pulsed LED that shines on a photo sensor, the current of the photodiode I measure with the DDC11xEVM-PDK Kit and the software.

The goal is to integrate channel A is when the LED is on and channel B when the LED is off.

This requires CONV ​​signal to be switched on simultaneously with the trigger signal.

The trigger signal is high simultaneously with the LED, when the LED is on.

During my first measurements, it did not work. The CONV signal and the trigger signal are asynchronous.

My question is: does my plan work with the DDC11xEVM-PDK Kit and if so how does it work properly?

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