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Solder Qualification for LMP-2012-SP (WG10A package)

Greetings! We're working with a customer to deliver an amplifier assembly for a high-reliability/space application, and our customer is requesting proof of soldering/package qualification.  Two things:

  • Can TI provide any thermal cycling/package qualification data regarding the WG10A package? (Substrate is Arlon 85N, solder is SN63)
  • If not, can TI provide 5 sample WG10A packages (non-functional/scrap OK) for solder qualification?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance! Any assistance you could provide regarding this would be very much appreciated.

  • Hello Jason,

    We are reviewing what data we have and will send to you shortly.   If it is not what you need, we will let you know how to acquire mechanical samples.

  • In reply to Kirby Kruckmeyer96848:

    I am not sure exactly what is being requested.
    We do put the package through temp cycling per MIL-STD-883.

    We do have mechanical samples which can be ordered through distribution. The part number is:
  • In reply to Kirby Kruckmeyer96848:

    Thanks for the part number.

    What I am asking is this:  Has TI ever done thermal cycling with the package mounted to a substrate and, if so, what was the substrate material? This would be to verify the lead design fitness for service, rather than a QA check on package integrity.

  • In reply to Jason Friederichs:

    This is a decades old, industry standard package.   We do not have a specific board level test report for it.

  • Greetings,

    I have been tasked with completing this solder qualification testing in Jason's absence. I have been trying to get ahold of the mechanical samples (MKT-WG10A-MA) that Kirby spoke about. I have not had any luck going through our regular TI supplier (Mouser.com) Can you suggest a supplier that might carry it or someone inside TI I might be able to speak to about getting samples. This has become a time sensitive project so any quick replies would be appreciated.
  • In reply to Noe Gonzalez:

    Good morning Noe,

    Per marketing you might try Arrow or Avnet (TI authorized military distributors).  This is not a stock item (it is built when ordered) so they would contact the factory to order.

    For dummy parts and daisy-chain packages you may want to try www.topline.tv as they tend to keep standard packages in stock.