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OMAPL138B-EP: USB CDC enumeration issue

Part Number: OMAPL138B-EP


I'm working on emulating a virtual COM port on windows machine using USB. I used OMAPL138 starterware as reference. I successfully added the USB CDC feature on ARM side. A COM port is detected on PC side when the device is powered up. I can communicate with my device using Teraterm software on PC. But this works fine only windows 7 PC. Device is enumerated multiple times(inf file which was provided with starterware project was given to load the driver). There's no issue with enumeration and communication with teraterm in Win 7 host. When i tried it on windows 10 PC, enumeration works fine(same driver file-usbser.sys was already loaded without the need of inf file). But it is not stable as in win 7. Device gets stuck when tested multiple times. Doesn't OMAP starterware project work with windows 10 host?