THS8200-EP: BT.1120 to VGA pin13 AGY voltage level

Part Number: THS8200-EP


My customer Hikvision is using THS8200 video ADC to realize BT.1120 to VGA. They found that the output voltage on pin13(AGY) would be more 300mV than other two channels(ABPb and ARPr). They want to know whether it is normal phenomenon. And the reason why it is made like this, thanks!

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  • Rory,

    Can you please provide more information? 

    What is history with this design?   It this a new or revised design?   We have minimal remaining experience with this device remaining in TI.

    Can you provide schematic?

    What are the conditions when the voltage is 300mv higher than other channels?  Is a video signal being output?

    If design/schematic cannot be posted to public forum, we can move the conversation to email.