TMS570LS3137-EP: Why does the Hercules Development Kit TMS570LS31x HDK not work for the Hercules Safety MCU Demos: Web Server and CAN Reader?

Part Number: TMS570LS3137-EP

 TMS570LS31x HDK works fine with the Ambient Light, Ambient Temperature, LED Light Show, and Light Balancing demos.  Is the demo code obsolete?

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  • Hello William,

    As noted in the prior post on the CAN example, we have had many customers that have successfully implemented these examples.

    With respect to the lwIP code, this example does provide more challenge due to the complexity of the protocol stack and the fact that it is an adaptation/port of the lwIP open source solution as shown at this link Also, I am not certain how you went about bringing this code up, but we have a wiki page devoted to step by step instruction on how to set this up located at this link Also as noted in my prior post, if you can tell us the behavior you are seeing and possibly post the project, then we can work with you to debug the issue to resolve it.

    In regard to the CAN example included with Halcogen, I think I addressed this in the other post But, again, if you would like to post the symptoms of the problem and the project, we can help debug and identify what might have went wrong in generating the code.

    The type of information that is helpful in addition to the problematic source, is information such as any compile errors, signal activity, error frames, corrupt data, etc. If it is not working at all, it would be helpful to put a scope on the Tx and Rx signals to see if there is any activity and also to insure you have the appropriate transceivers and termination resistors in place.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Chuck Davenport