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TL084M: Want check fake part or not

Part Number: TL084M

I got a new part from reseller

but the device marking let me confuse the part is original from TI or not

would be help me to check? please see the below picture

"5962-9851503QC" miss "A"

because original design use the below

  • Good morning,

    Please contact the TI Anti-Counterfeiting Team at ti-counterfeit@list.ti.com.  In your email to them, request the Customer Letter and Counterfeit Request Form and provide them with the required information below. 

    • Completed Counterfeit Request Form
    • High quality pictures of the bottom & top of the device(s)
    • High quality pictures of the 2D bar code labels.
    • Copies/pictures of shipping documents, i.e. packing slip showing the origin of the devices to TI. (If this information cannot be provided we are unable to provide verification due to uncertainties regarding chain of custody of the products.)
    • Provide device application