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We are using the ADS1258 in one of our product. A transorb is connected on the ADC input line, we will test each and every production board. This testing is in power off condition. Because of the transorb testing, as per simulation we see a voltage of 30Vdc for 60mSec on ADC input line in powered off condition. However I read in the datasheet that there is a ESD diode to protect the ADC input line.

Please let us know, if the 30Vdc on ADC input line is safe and will not effect the ADC functionality.

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  • Hi,

    The momentary current of 100mA described in the Absolute Maximum Ratings table of the datasheet refers to the maximum current the ESD cell of the device can withstand during start up conditions, where the duration of the current  is less than <200 milliseconds.  Since you say your 30V pulse is 60ms, as long as the input current is less than 100mA, you do not violate this spec.   However,  you are exceeding the input voltage maximum of VDD+.3 with the 30V input so this spec is violated.  So, there is ambiguity here.  I think the device will be OK if the current limit is respected.  I will try to get clarification from the team that designed this device.



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    Hello Christian,

    Did you get the clarification with team that designed chip ADS1258 regarding the above query which we had asked.



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     I was informed that the scenario you described should not pose a problem for the circuit so long as the current specifications are met.