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TMS320C30: Unknown part marking on TI DSP 5962-9052604MUA

Part Number: TMS320C30

I have some TI parts P/N 5962-9052604MUA but they have an unidentifiable marking on the part compared to other devices we have in stock.

The parts in question have markings of:



Our other parts are marked:



The packaging has a sticker with "CUST.PART# 13285253-002" on it.

I cannot find any documentation on what the "CUST.PART# 13285253-002" represents.

If the part is marked with the MIL-SPEC part number then I would expect the 13285253-002 to just be an internal customer part number.

I am worried that it may be a custom part number and this devices may differ from the standard 5962-9052604MUA but then it would not qualify to be marked with 5962-9052604MUA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.