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TPS73601-EP: TPS73601DCQR

Part Number: TPS73601-EP

Can I connect an external power supply of 1.2V to FB pin of the adjustable LDO (TPS73601DCQR) instead of programming the VFB using resistors, So that I can vary the output voltage as per the input.

  • Hi Anuraj,

    If you connect an external power supply to the FB pin, it will adjust the output voltage. However Stability of the device will be compromised. Note Top feedback resistor and the internal 8K resistor as shown in Fig. 3 determines an attenuation factor. in addition as shown in Fig. 33 of datasheet on pg. 12 it indicates that lead network introduced by CFB capacitor across R1 helps with the transient response.
    Thus in view of the items highlighted above it is recommended that you used the external resistor dividers as shown on Fig. 3. for various output voltages.

    An alternate would be you add jumpers that will allow you to vary the resistors.
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  • In reply to Ramesh Khanna:

    I am making a circuit to validate the LDO (A circuit to validate the VFB of the LDO). I feel, the stability wont be affecting in this case. My circuit block diagram attached fyr. Plea se provide your suggestion on this.

  • In reply to ANURAJ NK:

    Hi Anuraj,

    If you objective is strictly to validate the Vfb of the LDO then your configuration is correct. Note datasheet on page 5 highlights Vfb voltage range to be from 1.198 to 1.21 at 25C.

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