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ADS52J90EVM + TSW14J56EVM trigger operation

I have these 2 eval boards and have them working with the "High Speed Data Converter Pro GUI" software.  I would like to use an external trigger to capture data and write the data to a file.

The SLWU087C (revised July 2015) User's Guide describes how to use the external trigger.  But, once the external trigger happens you have to click on a GUI "Read DDR Memory" button to get the data into the software. Then you have to use the File menu to save the data to a file.

There is a continuous capture option, but it isn't at all clear if it will work with the external trigger option?

Is there a way to use the eval boards & software as a triggered data acquisition system?

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    Do you have access to Labview or Matlab? This might be the better method of continuous (repeated) triggering if you are trying to simulate a real system.


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    Yes, we have access to both Labview and Matlab.  This will get us going, although we expect this to be very slow.  We do need to use the hardware trigger input in order to have deterministic timing of the trigger.  I guess we can use Labview or Matlab to read the data and arm for the next trigger?

    We were hoping for the TI HSDC software to have the capability to use the hardware trigger and capture continuously to a file, if you look back in this thread you can see we discussed this capability last summer when you thought it might be available on a month or so time scale.

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    We also need this functionality.