TSW1400EVM: Examples Matlab code for Read/Write_Registers

Part Number: TSW1400EVM


I'm using a TSW1400EVM to capture data from an AFE5818EVM. I found HSDCPro_Matlab_Example and able to run "HSDCPro_Automation_DLL_ADC_Example_64bit" without error. However the ADC result is not correct.

I assumed that it is because there is no initialization to the AFE-registers done in this example, and I have to set the values for AFE-registers myself using "Read_Registers" and "Write_Registers" DLL functions. Unfortuantely I couldn't get them to work and also I didn't find any example for these "Read/Write_Registers" DLL function.

Is my assumption correct? and is there any Matlab example shows how to use DLL "Read/Write_Registers" (I found the HSDCPro DLL Automation documentation, but still can't run them properly) ?