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TX 517 EVM Power Supplies - # of external supplies, max. slew rate

In a previous post it was confirmed that the voltages HV1, LV1, HV0, LV0, HV2, LV2 + VDD, VEE, VCM must be supplied externally to the evaluation kit.

In addition the datasheet states
- the max power supply slew rate should be 10V/ms (page 9)
- the external supplies need to be sequenced according to table 4, page 14
power up
1) Driver supplies
2) LV1,
3) HV1,
4) LV2, LV0, HV0, HV2, VCW

and the reverse for power down

According to the user manual for the EVM, the user of the eval kit has to externally supply the following 10 voltages:

VDD = 5V
VEE - 5V
HV0 = +1.9V
LV0 = -1.9V
VCW = 11V
VAA = 2.5V
HV1 = 61V
LV1 = -20.9V
HV2 = 32V
LV2 = -11.9V

The EVM only generates
- 3.3V using the TPS79633DCQR
- 1.2V using the TPS73201QDBV

So my questions are
1) The user has to apply 11 external voltages to get the EVM kit functional?
a) 5V supply for the EvalKit
b) 10 Voltages VDD, VEE, VCW, VAA and HVx, LVx

2) What are the consequences (for the TX517) if the power supplies used exceed the max. power supply slew rate requirement of 10V/ms as specified for the TX517 ?

thank you

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