I m using DDC 114 in my design. My query is how many ddc's can be connected in daisy chain mode. I need to connect 8 DDC's for my design. And if i can connect 8 DDC's then is there any special precautions to be taken while designing.



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  • Hi Pooja,

    If you refer to page 22. of the DD114 Datasheet, you will see that the data is shifted from one device to the next.
    If you look at the timing diagram (Figure 22), you can see that all of the data has to be shifted between two DVALID pulses.

    The exact amount of devices daisy-chained would depend of the delay between two DVALID pulses and the speed of the DCLK.
    You can calculate it with this formula:

    Total amount of serial ouput data / Clock speed = Total amount of time needed to capture daisy-chained serial output data.

    This total time is the one that has to be within two DVALID pulses.

    Note also, that the DDC232 is a 32 channel device with the same functionality than the DDC114. (8xDDC114 = DDC232).



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    Hi Pooja,

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