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AFE4300: Corner freq settings?

Part Number: AFE4300

In Sec there is following desciption about ADC.

"Note that the modulator has pass band around integer multiples of the modulator sampling frequency of 250 kSPS. Set the corner frequency
of the antialiasing network before the INA so that there is adequate attenuation at the first multiple of the modulator frequency."

How to set the corner freq of the anti-aliasing network through registers?

INA, i presume is instrumentation amplifier. ? pl confirm


  • Hi Sundar,

    Mentioned anit-aliasing network is the external circuit that user has to connect. So no control from the AFE4300.
    Yes, INA is instrumentation amplifier.

  • In reply to Prabin Yadav:

    I havent connected any anti-aliasing network in my design. Is it mandatory? Can you show me the anti-aliasing components in sbau201a application reference design.?



  • In reply to Sundar Krishnaraj:

    Hi Sundar,

    In sbau201a we don't have any anti aliasing filter.
    This filter is not mandatory for AFE, however based on the end application it might be necessary.
    If you are keeping this, I advise you to keep same structure in the calibration path as well. This will make same current flows through calibration resistor as well as body impedance.