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AFE7222: Swap P/N input/output of baseband signal

Part Number: AFE7222


I have question regarding connection of baseband signal to quadrature modulator/demodulator. In PCB mounting the IC have several layout, and I can't connect output of demodulator symmetrical to AFE, P to P and N to N. If i would cross lines in pcb I get some vias and not desirable turns on routing differencial quadrature pair.

In the AFE7222xEVM documentation I saw, that I P and N signal are swaping, but Q P and N signal have right connect for modulator TRF370333. In the layout respectively lines don't crossing and have direct connet to modulator.

Is this right scheme, and this swap don't have bad performance for quadrature signal?

I'm more interested in the case with the demodulator, but I've never found such connection examples.