ISO5451-Q1: ISO5451 drive IGBT Temperature Problem

Part Number: ISO5451-Q1

Comparison test is carried out in the same machine, with the same load, the difference lies in the drive scheme, driven by EXB841 (15KHZ), the test on the heat sink temperature is about 80 degrees, if replaced by ISO5451, even if the switching frequency is reduced to 10KHZ (IGBT helps to reduce the heat sink). The temperature reached 90 degrees.


I have the following advice on the application
1,How much  ISO5451 can drive  current of IGBT, whether or not the expansion of the transistor?
2, whether the application of the "2A active Miller clamp" function?

3.Why  ISO5451  drive IGBT will be high

ISO5451 drive IGBT, RG with a 5.62 ohm resistor, this is the drive waveformer than EXB841  .

and My circuit is the same as the IC TI picture 43

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  • Hi,

    EXB841 has a much large and highly metal densed package and tend to have lower thermal impedance. However, ISO545x is able to drive IGBTs with current rating up to 120A across the temp range of -40 to 125.

    Could not comprehend questions 2 and 3. Could you please elaborate more?

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