DRV8323: DRV8323

Part Number: DRV8323

In DRV8323RH driver, can the current amplifier offset be set by setting the voltage on pin VREF? All the circuits show VREF having VCC, so is it possible to have current offset at 1 Volt by setting VREF to 2V?

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  • Hi Mika,
    Please refer to section and of the datasheet. Depending on the mode you have, the output current will be different.
    Vref is not only dependent of VREF, so you will not be able to offset directly by scaling 1volt.
    What are you trying to achieve? Would setting the device in bidirectional mode work for your application? or why not?

    Luis Riveros
    Motor Applications Team

  • In reply to Luis Riveros:

    Dear Luis,

    Thanks, to be specific I am sensing current in H bridge legs & using TI's motor control f2805dsp which has internal amplifiers and programmable offset voltage output. I already have few cards which don't use DRV8323 where in above mentioned features allow me software gain setting. I will prefer to have identical code for this new motor controller which uses drv8323. Hence I wanted to know if I can use voltages lower than VCC for Vref and get Vref/2 as an offset.