DRV8818 Parallel Wiring

If you wire two DRV8818s  in parallel, will we be able to drive a larger current specified motor. For example if we connect two chips in parallel will we get 5A of current?

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  • Kevin,

    You could do this, but you might also consider using the DRV8829 that is designed to drive a single winding of a bi-polar stepper. 

    Ryan Kehr

    Motor Drive Application Manager

  • In reply to Ryan Kehr:

    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry to interrupt this thread, but DRV8818 cannot be driven in parallel. The current regulation from one device to the next would be assynchronous to each other and you would have continuous fight between phases.

    How much current do you need? By using specialized heat sinking, I have been able to drive up to 3A with DRV8818 while still running far from TSD conditions.

    If you need more than this, you should take a look at DRV8829 as pointed by Ryan.

    Best regards,

    Jose Quinones