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Hi, welcome to the Texas Instruments Motor Drivers Forum! Below are some helpful guides and information for this forum.

Posting Guide:

  • Use the search tool to see if anyone else has posted a similar question.
  • Please check the TI website for the most current datasheet. The datasheet can be an immensely helpful tool when diagnosing issues.
  • Have a clear, concise title so that your post will show up when others search the forum. Try to include the part number and a short description of the issue.
  • Verify the issue across multiple boards, if at all possible, before reporting the problem. We see many issues arise from component assembly, improper soldering, or a specific PCB defect. 
  • Clearly state the issue with as many details as you can provide in your post.
  • Scope captures/schematics/layouts can go a long way towards diagnosing a problem. Please include these in your post when at all possible.
  • Once your question has been answered, mark the reply as a “Verified Answer” so that we know the question is resolved.


Q:   Do you sell a breakout board/evaluation module for DRVxxxx? What is a good design to refer to for my own design?
Yes! All of the devices that we release also release with a complete Evaluation Module. This Evaluation Module provides everything you need to simply connect a power supply plus motor and then begin spinning! These Evaluation Modules also provide a great design to refer back to when creating your own design. Links to our Evaluation Modules are provided at the top right of the specific device homepage, as seen below.

Q:   Has my question already been answered?
A:   Please check the Motor Drive (DRV) Resources listed in the left column and perform a forum search to see if the question has already been answered.

See E2E help central: Getting started topic 3 for more information on search. (http://e2e.ti.com/group/helpcentral/w/e2e/default.aspx)

The search box is located at the top of the forum page.  You can also select "Advanced Options" to specify more complex search parameters. Clicking on advanced search gives you the option to use the forum search or a google style search. If you prefer using www.google.com: you can try a google search and specify the site option to limit the results to all of ti.com, or just e2e.ti.com or wiki.ti.com answers.

Q:   If I see a question that I know the answer to can I respond?
 Absolutely!  One of the powers of a forum is its ability to enable more people to contribute.

Q:   Why can't you just give me the answer? Why don't you have an answer? I've already told you the problem.
As much as we wish we knew the answer off the top of our heads for every question, this is generally not the case. We will do our very best to answer your question and if not, work with you to debug the problem and search for a solution. This involves effort on both sides, as we only know as much as you tell us.

Texas Instruments Motor Applications Team


Motor Applications Team


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  • One item that has been extremely helpful is the complete schematics and layout. Snippets help but the complete schematic/layout allows the team to evaluate the complete system.

    Rick Duncan
    Motor Applications Team