DRV3201-Q1: Table 5. Erro Conditions and Protective Actions

Part Number: DRV3201-Q1

Hi team,

I have 4 questions below from the datasheet Table 5. Error Conditions and Protective Actions.

The purpose of the question is for a failure analysis.

1. Does ERR pin internally pulled up to VDDIO?

2. Regarding to the "Shoot through protection violated",  Is ERR pin pulled low if one of 3 pairs of PWM inputs fails(=both P/N inputs High) or all 3 pairs of inputs need to be fail before ERR pulled low?

What is the failure threshold of ERR pin?  

3. There are 5 temperature sensors. Where are they located? Is ERR pin pulled low if any one of 5 sensors detect over temperature?

3-2. If temperature exceed the 2nd threshold and the device enters global reset, how is the ERR pin status? Hi-Z?

4. Regarding to the LOC, what is the power supply for the internal OSC(10MHz)? Is it VCC3? How about the GND?


  • Hi Tsuji-san,

    1. No, the error pin is not pulled up to VDDIO internally

    2. The ERR pin is pulled low if any of the pairs has a violation detected

    Regarding "What is the failure threshold of ERR pin?" could you expand on what is meant by this? The output voltage for the ERR pin is listed in the spec for 'OH' and 'OL' as VDDIO - 0.2V and 0.2V respectively

    3. Any of the 5 sensors will trigger a global reset

    3-2. ERR pin = L

    4. Yes VCC3 and ground is GNDL

    Will Toth