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DRV3201-Q1: Table 5. Erro Conditions and Protective Actions

Part Number: DRV3201-Q1

Hi team,

I have 4 questions below from the datasheet Table 5. Error Conditions and Protective Actions.

The purpose of the question is for a failure analysis.

1. Does ERR pin internally pulled up to VDDIO?

2. Regarding to the "Shoot through protection violated",  Is ERR pin pulled low if one of 3 pairs of PWM inputs fails(=both P/N inputs High) or all 3 pairs of inputs need to be fail before ERR pulled low?

What is the failure threshold of ERR pin?  

3. There are 5 temperature sensors. Where are they located? Is ERR pin pulled low if any one of 5 sensors detect over temperature?

3-2. If temperature exceed the 2nd threshold and the device enters global reset, how is the ERR pin status? Hi-Z?

4. Regarding to the LOC, what is the power supply for the internal OSC(10MHz)? Is it VCC3? How about the GND?