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I have to build a DDS from 20MHz to 8GHz fully programmable, and I have the frequency in iscita with a digital signal to modulate in AM ranging from 10Hz to 10kHz, I have seen the network datasheet TIDA-00626 do not know if you can fit , for my purpose. What component should I use? there is an application schema, or you can give me a solution? thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Paolo,

      The TIDA-00626 can certainly generate the 20MHz > 8GHz signal you require, so I guess the question is about the modulation, is that correct?  Have you reviewed the Design Guide: http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/tidubm1a/tidubm1a.pdf  ?  Are the parameters described and defined meet your requirements?  Since the TIDA-00626 can be controlled via the SPI-bus, I think the modulation can be accomplished via the SPI, but I need to look into this further. 


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    Hello Leonard,

    happy new year! many thanks for your answer, yes the TIDA-00626 is good for my project, and I have alredy seen the Design guide, and the all parameters described are meet with our requirements. So I have read the modulation system about the SPI control, but I want to be sure of it, Well I will wait your further  responce about modulation systems

    Best regards


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    Hi Paolo,

    Please verify that you want an AMPLITUDE Modulated signal, not FREQ Modulated.  Can you share with us the application of the design? 


  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    Hi Leonard, I like to use AM modulation, our application is build military application for professional Jammer so with this DDS we can covered all frequencu spectrum for communication and radio, include radiomodem. Our project is based on an exciter DDS sweep a range of programmable frequency modulated by a digital signal or analog, including DTMF signals. The frequencies must be between 10Mhz and 8Ghz, with a signal to noise ratio of at least -110db, and spurious at least -70dB